Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm Redeemed

I've been putting together special music groups for our Sunday evening services. This past week the special was made up of Lisa and her two children, and myself (at the piano) and my two oldest boys. We sang the song, "I'm Redeemed." You know the one that echoes?

I'm redeemed (I'm redeemed)
By love divine (By love divine)
Glory, glory (Glory, glory)
Christ is mine (Christ is mine)
All to Him (All to Him)
I now resign (I now resign)
I have been (I have been) Redeemed.

Us two moms sang the words, and the kids echoed us each verse and chorus. It turned out nicely and the kids did a great job. I hope they grow up loving to sing! (A lady in church took these pictures and I asked her to send them to me.)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Cute Boys

Last night after church we were beginning our bedtime preparations of kisses and hugs, Bible stories and just chatting with the boys. Logan came up on to the bed with me and he said, "Mom, in the WHOLE WHEELED (translated as "world") I love you with all my heart."

And Cole. . . . he's such a thoughtful boy. The other day I was holding Brooke and he was just talking to her and loving on her. In an exasperated voice he said, "Why can't we marry our sisters?" So I explained that as best as I could and then he said, "I just don't know who I'm going to marry! I've been thinking about it and I just don't know what to do!" Wow! I was trying not to chuckle, because he was totally serious about this conversation. It was quite obvious he'd been giving it some thought. I told him he has many years before he even has to worry about making that decision. Hopefully he'll stop thinking about it for a while! :) At least until he's a teenager, right?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Family Time

The big boys went to bed and Logan got to spend a little quiet time with Dad and Mom.

Brooke is still a doll-baby in Cole's book.

Last night we had an enjoyable evening as a family. After dinner we just hung around the living room together playing the Wii. It was good, friendly competition and family fun.

Brooke is not about to let those toes out of her grasp! It's hilarious!

See the funny eyes I get when I use a camera flash on my little girl. Last night she had squash for the first time. I love feeding babies those first foods. It's such a shock to their little tastebuds.
It was just Logan, Brooke and momma at the house Saturday. It was Logan's idea to hold hands.

Everyone was gathered on our bed to watch a short video on the computer the other day. Logan got the best seat in the house. :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I can spend hours in Brooke's bedroom. Seriously! It's pink and purple, clean and neat, girly and fun. Not to mention that there are dresses and skirts hanging in the closet! It is just so much fun having a little girl! Brooke is seriously my little doll baby. I get to play with her and dress her. She gives me special smiles that just melt my heart.

The other morning she was just so adorably sweet I had a fun time photographing her. I know my camera isn't on a good setting, so bear with me. When I use a flash she blinks and stops smiling, and I miss the cute expressions on her precious face.

She is so cute trying to find me when I'm in her room talking to her. Look at those little peepers!

I bought this doll brand new at our consignment shop for $1.25! I had been eyeing it at our local grocery store all summer long, but just didn't want to pay full price. Imagine how excited I was to see it show up in our consignment shop!

Another consignment shop find. This dress and hat had every one in church smiling last Sunday! Does it get any cuter?

Six Years

On January 6 Cole celebrated his sixth birthday. Actually, we all got to help him celebrate, but it was his special day. I love birthdays! After the kids go to bed, I hang streamers and balloons in the dining room, and it's so much fun to see the boys' faces when they see those streamers the next morning. They all get excited!

I love my Cole. We used to call him Cole-Baby, but when we were expecting Logan, he became Cole-Boy. (Logan calls him Coy-Boy. He can't seem to get those two words to flow together right!) Cole is the goofy one around here. Trevor used to call him a clown, but Cole didn't appreciate that. I think Trevor meant it as a compliment! Cole is so funny and comes up with some goofy things to say and do. He's my climber. He's the only one of my boys that figured out how to climb out of the crib. And he's been climbing ever since! He's fearless when it comes to that kind of thing. He's a sweetheart. He loves his little sister Brooke, and I even heard him "baby talking" to her in a high-pitched voice the other day.

For his birthday this year Cole wanted to go to Slinky's. It's similar to Chuck E. Cheese, but not quite. First we opened presents, and then we headed to Altoona to party.

The play land in this place is huge!

Brooke even got in on the action.

Cole doesn't like cake! (He did not get that strange gene from my side of the family!) So ice cream cake was his choice this year.

Friday, January 1, 2010

The Christmas Story

It's not a new tradition. In fact, most Christian families read the Christmas story from Luke 2 every year before they open their presents. I remember doing that as a child growing up, and we are continuing that tradition with our children as well.

This year it was even more special. I listened with pride as my boy Trevor read several verses from that passage of Scripture. I'm so thankful that he can read well, and that he can use that reading ability to read God's Word.

This is probably my favorite picture from our Christmas celebration. Look at all those boys, gathered around the Bible. And look at their daddy, reading to them and teaching them! I am so blessed.


The boys were so excited when Christmas finally came. And if I was honest, so were David and me! It brings me joy to watch the kids open their gifts. I love how excited they become. Here are a few pictures from our gift-opening time for you to view.

The Dollar Game

Have you ever seen this game? Someone holds a dollar bill near your fingers. When they drop it, you try to catch it. It is nearly impossible to catch that dollar bill, especially if it is a nice, crisp one. The boys were sure trying their hardest to beat Dad at this game, but nobody was successful!

Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I thought I should start the new year with a fresh post. So here it goes!

We started the new year with the boys piling into our bed! I love it when all the kids just hang out in our room with us. It's such a cozy, family feeling, and with 6 of us, you do have to get close to each other if you hope to stay on the bed! After plenty of joking, tickling and laughing the boys settled in with Dad for a game of Uno.

Brooke is still infatuated with her toes. I'm thinking maybe she'll be a ballerina someday!

I had her propped up on the bed this morning. She was just so adorable, I couldn't contain my smiles! I mean really! Just look at this picture and you'll catch yourself smiling as well!

I hope you have a wonderful, Christ-centered year in 2010. It will be exciting to see what God has in store for us this year.