Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Since we moved, the boys' basketball hoop has been outside on the back deck. However, it has been so windy here lately, we found the hoop over in the field quite a ways from the house! David brought the hoop in and we let it dry out on the side porch. Today was finally the day we brought it upstairs and put it in the boys' room. It was like Christmas all over again! The hoop adjusts from 3' all the way up to 6', and would you believe that Logan actually did make a couple of six-foot shots?!?!

The boys had some extra Christmas money, so today we went to Wal-Mart and they each chose their own ball for the hoop. Trevor got a ball with dogs, Cole got a swirly blue one, and Logan wanted Spiderman. They've been having the best time in there shooting hoops, and it's been good to hear them playing and giggling. As soon as they woke from their naps, Logan headed straight into the room and started making shots. We may have a future basketball star on our hands!

Hope you have a wonderful new year!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Spin 'n Paint

I found a toy for the boys that I used to have when I was a girl. I was so excited about it, because it was one of my favorites. You put a paper on a spinner. When you turn it on, the paper spins around and around very fast. Then you drop paint onto it, and watch the designs come to life. It is so much fun!

Saturday night we gathered around the dinner table and did some painting as a family. I'm not quite sure if the boys had more fun, or the parents, as you can see by this picture!

We used up almost all the paper that came with the machine, and made quite a collection of pretty cards. Don't be surprised if you get one in the mail from the boys. They are so proud of their creations. It was a lot of fun, and the boys have asked several times since then if we can do the painting thing again. So, we'll probably be painting tonight!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

A few pictures from our Christmas morning time. The guns are "automatic" Nerf-type machine guns. You hold down the trigger and 20 of those little darts fire, one after the other! It's madness around here, I'll tell you.

Logan got Thomas and Percy trains and he's had the best time driving those trains through tunnels made up of mommy's legs, and leftover Christmas boxes.


We finally told the boys on Christmas Day that we will be having a new addition to our family in the summer. Today we were at the mall and we saw a baby that could not have been more than 4 or 5 days old. She was so tiny and small, and we showed the boys how our baby will be so small when he/she is born. Trevor couldn't believe that our baby is only about 2 inches long right now, but we explained that as best we could. Then David put his head by my belly and called out, "Hello, Baby!" I told the boys that we could talk to the baby like that and the baby could hear us. Trevor didn't really believe us, but David said, "Oh yes! Mommy's belly button is like a speakerphone! You can talk into her belly button and the baby will hear you."

Cole had the best time talking to his new baby sibling! It was pretty funny, walking through JC Penny's, with Cole's head in front of my tummy, saying things to our new baby. Then Logan decided to call out, "Hey, Baby!" into David's belly button! Oh well! I guess he'll figure it out soon enough.

So here are the votes so far from our boys:
*Trevor would like a sister.
* Cole wants 7 brothers to play with. (I can tell you right now THAT'S not gonna happen!)
* Logan said, "Um, I want a baby girl."

Friday, December 26, 2008

Logan Joseph

Today I got to spend some time with just Logan, while the big boys were out working with Dad. It was so much fun! Logan would come up close to my face while I was sitting down and I would whisper to him, "Momma loves you so much!" He would then whisper right back to me, "I love you so much, Mom." It just melted my heart. We played this game a LOT of times. Finally I whispered to Logan, "Momma loves you so much!" And that little cutie looked at me and whispered, "I love you with all my heart!" What a precious little boy!

Later we were in the van driving and I said something to "Logan Joseph." I said, "Can you say 'Logan Joseph?'" And he promptly said, "Logan Jo-fuss." I just wanted to eat him up!


Oh brother! I thought I did well to buy 30 AA batteries to go with our Christmas goodies this year. I had forgotten that I needed some D batteries as well! So the day after Christmas I drove to Wal-Mart to buy batteries. That was my main reason for the trip. Would you believe that I left without even one battery in my shopping bags? I'm not sure what happened. When I got home Trevor excitedly said, "Did you get that batteries, Mom?" I groaned! I couldn't believe I had forgotten them! So we all got into the van and went to buy some batteries.

Now the boys are happily playing with a figure-8 race track that Trevor got for Christmas. (David thinks *HE* got it for Christmas!) It sure is a fun little toy, and I'm glad we finally got the batteries we needed!

Christmas Fun

Yesterday was our first Christmas day in Pennsylvania. It started out as a typical Christmas morning. Trevor and Cole came into our room and hopped on the bed. "Can we open presents yet?" They were ready to go! Of course, Mom had to get the turkey in the oven and get some things ready first, so they had to wait impatiently for things to get started. However, once we got started, the paper began to fly! The boys had so much fun opening gifts. Almost as much fun as us parents had watching them. It sure was a joy to see them having so much fun.

Later on we had a turkey dinner with all the trimmings. David and I played Yahtzee for the first time. (Yes, I won!) Even though we were far from our families, we still had a wonderful day together as a family.