Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Day Outdoors

We had a decent day weather-wise on Thursday. The boys spent some time playing catch and batting baseballs with David. I went walking with Brooke up the hill by our church. It was a bit windy and we needed jackets, but it was nice to be outdoors again after a long winter. When I realized there were going to be a lot of good photo-ops, I went back to the house for my camera. I took some fun pictures of the cutest kids I've ever seen. ;-)

My Three Sons

And here's a bonus photo from the other night. Brooke loves to "hide" behind her hands these days. It's too cute!


Here's my Logan. He loves his momma so much he's always giving me slobbery kisses.

He really wanted to play "hockey" with his dad the other day.


Trevor is just getting to be a big boy. He's handy to have around the house because he can do things that big boys can do.


Here are some random photos of our Cole Boy.

We're playing Pictureka. It's fun!

He's been a real sweetheart lately, giving me a lot of notes like this one:

Friday, March 18, 2011

To Whet Your Appetite

I finally found my camera card. We played outside with the kids yesterday, and even though it was windy, we had a good time. I grabbed my camera and made the kids do all kinds of poses. I don't have time to post a bunch right now, but here's a good one of the four of them together.

Here He Is

Here's Cole, in his toothless glory:

He lost the other front tooth well. Hopefully those two front teeth will come in before Christmas! :-)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Brooke Says. . .

Brooke says a lot of things these days. Of course, with her baby talk, things don't always come out the way they are supposed to. But that just makes it so much more fun to listen to her.

She says a lot of words, but here are some of the things she says, with the phonetic pronunciations after them:
shoe - who
sock - hock
spoon - Poon (She really pronounces the "P.")
Logan - Ya-Ya
Trevor - Ya-Ya
Amen - A-Nen
cup - cuk
book - boop
Thank you - day-du
Brooke - Bee
please - deez

Our favorites are the "S" words. She doesn't say the "S" sound. We always tease about getting our "hocks and whose" before we leave the house.

Brooke found this 2 liter and had the best time carrying it around the kitchen. It was pretty funny listening to her grunt and groan as she would pick up the bottle from the ground.

Here's Brooke trying to follow in her daddy's footsteps . . . . literally.

Too cute for words!


Cole's first tooth finally came out Sunday night! He was so exited! Earlier that day I tried to talk him into letting me tie a string around his tooth, so he could pull it easily. He wanted nothing to do with that!

After he went to bed and the lights were out, he came running to me to show me his little baby tooth. It had finally come out. I do have pictures of his toothless grin, but sadly, I can't find my little camera card. Cleaning off my computer desk is on my "To-Do" list today, so maybe I'll edit this post later with a cute picture of our new toothless wonder.