Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm Redeemed

I've been putting together special music groups for our Sunday evening services. This past week the special was made up of Lisa and her two children, and myself (at the piano) and my two oldest boys. We sang the song, "I'm Redeemed." You know the one that echoes?

I'm redeemed (I'm redeemed)
By love divine (By love divine)
Glory, glory (Glory, glory)
Christ is mine (Christ is mine)
All to Him (All to Him)
I now resign (I now resign)
I have been (I have been) Redeemed.

Us two moms sang the words, and the kids echoed us each verse and chorus. It turned out nicely and the kids did a great job. I hope they grow up loving to sing! (A lady in church took these pictures and I asked her to send them to me.)


  1. Where's the video?? I wanted to hear it!

  2. I was a little bit disappointed that I didn't think to video tape it. Things have been crazy and I was so thankful when I saw that camera flash during our song. I didn't even have a thought about cameras that night!