Monday, June 4, 2012

Little Cousins

My husband's brother's family came down to visit for the weekend.  I sure enjoyed watching our Brooke play with her cousin Brienna.  Aren't they just cute little patooties?

My Graduate

Last night was Logan's kindergarten graduation.  I can say without bias, that he really was the cutest little guy there!  :)

 Here comes the graduate. . .
 They said the Ten Commandments and did a cute little bow afterwards.
 Here he is with his teacher.  She did a fabulous job and really loved her students.
 And here is Logan with our pastor.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More Pictures For Your Viewing Pleasure

For the Italian side of the family. . . 
 I gave the boys some toothpicks and marshmallows and they got to work building things.

 Last night we had a warm rain.  The boys wanted to ride bikes and I reluctantly let them for a while.  It didn't take them long to abandon the bikes and go straight for the puddles.  They played in the puddles for about an hour.

 Brooke took a bath while the boys played.  Here she is checking out the action.  (And yes, she wanted to sit in the puddles just like the boys!)

 And here is just a cute little face that makes me laugh every time I see it.  Brooke paused long enough for me to get a quick picture, but you can tell by the look on her face, that she thought Mom had taken enough pictures!

Just Random

Here are some random pictures from our science museum.  We have been there three times in the last month and a half.  The boys love it!

 Trying to get the water drips. . .

 Sadly, I had to explain to my kids what a telephone booth was!

Our Family

Our Family

The Boys

These are some neat pictures I took of the boys at the science museum.  It looks like they really are at this canyon.

Logan Got Baptized

This is a video of Logan's baptism.  He was saved December 23, and got baptized on Christmas day.  It was very special!

Aunt Cindy

David's sister came for a visit last month.  It was nice to have her here, and the kids still talk the fun time they had with her.  On her last day here, we went to the science museum.