Sunday, January 17, 2010


I can spend hours in Brooke's bedroom. Seriously! It's pink and purple, clean and neat, girly and fun. Not to mention that there are dresses and skirts hanging in the closet! It is just so much fun having a little girl! Brooke is seriously my little doll baby. I get to play with her and dress her. She gives me special smiles that just melt my heart.

The other morning she was just so adorably sweet I had a fun time photographing her. I know my camera isn't on a good setting, so bear with me. When I use a flash she blinks and stops smiling, and I miss the cute expressions on her precious face.

She is so cute trying to find me when I'm in her room talking to her. Look at those little peepers!

I bought this doll brand new at our consignment shop for $1.25! I had been eyeing it at our local grocery store all summer long, but just didn't want to pay full price. Imagine how excited I was to see it show up in our consignment shop!

Another consignment shop find. This dress and hat had every one in church smiling last Sunday! Does it get any cuter?


  1. She is absolutely adorable! I remember those days you just want to stay in their room and play with them and enjoy being with them. There are still days like that even when they are older. Enjoy every minute of it.


  2. She is a cutie! You are gonna love having a girl. I have loved seeing Kaylyn grow up and doing girly things.