Friday, January 28, 2011

For Grammy - Legos

My mom has a thing about Legos. She loves them! Whenever we spend time with Grammy, you can bet that a table full of Legos (or a sheet outdoors) is somehow involved! For Christmas she sent money for the boys to get . . . . Legos, of course!

I have to say that I am amazed at the good job my boys do with those things! Trevor is 9 and completely built this tractor on his own. Before it was a tractor it was an impressive dune buggy.

Cole built the motorcycle without help!

They thought they should pose with their creations. Already the motorcycle is no more. . . . it's been dismantled so they can build something else.


Cole turned seven a couple of weeks ago. I always felt bad that his birthday was 2 weeks after Christmas. To be honest, I am about partied-out by that point! But the night before I hung the balloons and streamers in the dining room like I always do, and was rewarded when he came downstairs with a big smile.

We started the morning with one present before school.

After dinner we decided to go to Slinky's. The kids love to play in this giant playland. (Like a McDonald's play place, only much, much bigger!) We all got ready to go then Cole opened his gifts.

I decided to save the Sunday comics for some wrapping paper, that way all of his gifts wouldn't be wrapped in Christmas paper. Hee-hee! I'm not only frugal but green as well! :-)
Cole got a nice set of walkie-talkies. Logan calls them "talkie-walkies," which I think is
just too cute!
It was late when we got back from Slinky's, so we ate ice cream cake in our jammies.

We're thankful that seven years ago, God gave us this handsome boy. We love him very much!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tea, Anyone?

While we were in Indiana Brooke just loved playing with my niece's little kitchen set. She seemed to know automatically what to do with all those dishes and pretend foods. I was so delighted! It's so much fun having a girly-girl! :)

I decided then and there that Brooke would be getting a kitchen and dishes for her birthday. We went to the grocery store Sunday night for an emergency diaper run. They were clearancing their Christmas toys for 75% off! They even had a purple tea set. I snatched up those little dishes right then, and I was so excited! I thought about keeping them for Brooke's birthday, but then I thought to myself, "They cost me $1.74!" So I opened that package and my little girl spent a half hour with her dishes. So cute!

Everyday since then, Brooke has spent time with her little tea set.

Where Do I Begin?

It seems like I've taken a month-long hiatus from blogging. The truth is, once you get behind, it's hard to know where to pick up again.

We had a wonderful Christmas here at the house. The kids loved their gifts, and us parents enjoyed watching them tear into things. I made a simple dinner of ham, scalloped potatoes, veggies and rolls.

Brooke turned 18-months old on Christmas day. It's hard to believe that she's already been with us a year-and-a-half. Sometimes I can't remember life without her, and other times it seems we just got our precious, little girl.

Here's the aftermath of our Christmas celebration:

The Monday after Christmas we made a rather impromptu decision to drive all the way to Indiana to visit my husband's family! We didn't hit the road until 3 in the afternoon, but we got there before midnight. It was quite a trip. We stayed until Saturday morning. Thankfully our road trips were uneventful. Here are some scenes from our visit with David's family:

(Not really sure how David and Sandra ended up on the kitchen floor!)

My sister-in-law Kat mentioned having an early birthday celebration for Cole. That was so thoughtful of her.

I love this picture of Cole! He could barely contain his excitement!
Kit & Cole - cousins
While in Indiana I got to see one of my dear friends from college. Megan and I traveled together in a summer tour group.

Here are two of the "original" Farley boys:
All of the cousins are in this picture except for little Brienna.

Here's a picture of the girl cousins:
My Logan
Uncle David is a hit with the kids. (Probably because he can play like the best of them!)

Sleepy boys

On the way home we stopped in Ohio to visit with David's younger brother John and his family.

There's little Brienna, with Amber and John, of course!