Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Gifts

Here are the gifts we got tonight. As you can see, we got a crib mattress, a baby monitor, many clothes, towels, blankets, diapers and more.


Tonight was a ladies meeting at the church. The ladies surprised me with a baby shower! It was so nice. There were so many ladies there and so many nice gifts. The Lord has really blessed us with a nice church family.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


David had a coaching meeting today and he got all the uniforms for his team members. The boys had such a good time putting them on, and it got them really excited about the upcoming soccer season. Of course Logan had to have his picture taken too, even though he's still sporting ketchup on his cheeks from lunch!


We were out to dinner last night as a family. Logan stood up on his chair and excitedly (and noisily!) said, "Look, Mom! A baby grill! See the baby grill! We're gonna get a new baby grill at our house too!"

Spring Soccer

We signed the boys up for spring soccer this year. It is only 7 weeks long, so hopefully it won't take too much of a toll on the parents! :)They are pretty excited about it. Last night we bought their new shin guards and today they got to try them out. Trevor is pretty excited about the things he already learned this morning.

As an extra bonus, David signed up to coach. He got both of the boys' teams! Cole's team is a bit more laid back, i.e., no goalies, no points, short practices before the game, etc. . . Trevor will have one Thursday practice each week and one game each Saturday.

New Target

The mechanic in our church really helped us out this week. The insurance estimate from David's recent deer experience was quite high. Not to mention the deductible that we had to pay. We were not looking forward to that. The mechanic ordered the new hood and lights for our van, and he helped David put them in this week. What a blessing! We didn't have to pay anything out of our own pockets, and even have a bit of money left over from our insurance company.

David brought the bent-up hood home. He said, "Guess what I'm going to do with this?" Well, I know him well enough that I didn't have to guess! He's going to put it out in the back field as a target for his shooting practice! Ha! Guess he even got a new toy out of this deal!

Signs of Spring

I was so excited that the first day of spring finally arrived! It has seemed like such a long winter. Then. . . I looked out my window. Would you believe we had snow flurries? What? On the first day of spring? I just didn't think that was right! Wednesday it was 70 degrees here, and Friday there was snow!

I was encouraged however, to see some signs of spring. On our nice day this week Cole & Logan were playing in the front yard and Cole came shouting to me excitedly! "Mom, the flowers are coming up! The flowers are coming up!" Sure enough. The bulbs that we had planted in the fall are starting to grow! How exciting! I planted tulips, hyacinths and one more that I can't remember. I'm looking forward to sitting on my front porch soon, looking at the beautiful flowers.

Friday, March 13, 2009

All Boy

Logan was loaded down the other day when we were in the van. He looked so much like Yosemite Sam I had to get his picture.

Laughter - The Best Medicine

This video isn't much to look at. But turn up your speakers and just enjoy the laughter. It's enough to put a smile on anyone's face!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Something About Trevor

Something I appreciate about Trevor. . . . Trevor is always the first one at the dinner table to thank me for the food. I made some delicious potato soup yesterday, and Trevor isn't a big fan of soup. He took a few sips of his soup and said, "Mom, you were right! This soup is SO good!" He thanks me at every meal for the delicious food.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tree Bird?


While at the taxidermy show, there was a children's room for the kids to do some crafts. They had the kids paint! They each got to choose a birdhouse, then paint and decorate it.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

State Championship Taxidermy Show

We went to a taxidermy show at the convention center today. It was pretty neat. There were a lot of animals to see, and they were all fabulous, because it was the best of the best in taxidermy! (Who knew, right?) Here are some pictures from our day.

I can't get this to work quite right. So if you click on view, then you can see the slideshow in a new window. I'll work on it!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Baby Names

Our boys are full of suggestions on what we should name our new baby. It's kind of funny to listen to them think of good names. Sometimes they say part of a name they've heard before, or they don't pronounce a name correctly. A few of the names the boys think we should consider are Breanna, Sarah, Lisabeth, Lisabella, Cheyenne and more.

Then there are the time when they get silly! Oh boy! We were driving in the van the other day, and they were thinking of names like, Chicken Nugget, Cracker Jack, Snack Shack, Furry, McDonald, Whoopee, etc. . . . It gets pretty crazy in the van when they start thinking of those funny names. They really crack themselves up! I love to hear those deep belly laughs of theirs. And yes, even Logan chimes in on the name calling. I don't think he knows who he's talking about, but Chicken Nugget was actually his idea! Ha!

I think this time around, we'll keep up our tradition of keeping the baby name a secret. We've already told everyone that it's a girl. This will give you all something to look forward to.

Oh Deer!

Yes, you read that correctly. Last night David hit a deer! :( Poor thing! She crunched up the front right corner of our van pretty good, but took a pretty good hit. She died almost instantly. A man came on the scene shortly after the doe was hit and went to get his things so he could gut her and take the meat! I didn't know you could do that, but I guess it is legal here in PA.

Those insurance people move fast! A man was already here this morning to look the van over and give us an estimate. It's at times like these when you wish you didn't have a deductible! Ha! Soon we'll be cramming in to a rental car for a few days while our van is being worked on. The boys will think it's a great adventure.

Monday, March 2, 2009

New Player

For Trevor's birthday a couple of years ago, Grammy and Grampa bought him a CD player and a set of Patch the Pirate CD's. Every night at bedtime they've been listening to some songs or stories on that player and just loving it. Last week David put the CD player in Logan's room, so he could enjoy the first installment of Patch as well. Logan is hooked on the "Jonah" song, and he just loves to listen to that.

I was thinking that it'd be nice to get a second player, so there could be one in each of the boys' rooms. It wasn't a priority, but I was hoping to find one someday. Today while I was out I found a CD player at Kohl's on sale for $11.99! What a deal! Now we have one for each of the rooms, and the boys are happily tucked into bed, listening to their favorite CD's. I think God even cares about those little things that we may want, but don't need. He gave us our "want" and we're thankful for that.

Can I See?

Today as we were driving in the van, just out of the blue Logan piped up. He said, "Mommy, when the new baby comes out of your tummy, can I see it?" Of course he can! I thought it was cute that he was so concerned about this.

Mountain Moving Faith

The boys sang 4 songs in church last night. Here's a clip of one of them. Cole is the third boy in the row, and Trevor is the last one.