Sunday, January 17, 2010

Six Years

On January 6 Cole celebrated his sixth birthday. Actually, we all got to help him celebrate, but it was his special day. I love birthdays! After the kids go to bed, I hang streamers and balloons in the dining room, and it's so much fun to see the boys' faces when they see those streamers the next morning. They all get excited!

I love my Cole. We used to call him Cole-Baby, but when we were expecting Logan, he became Cole-Boy. (Logan calls him Coy-Boy. He can't seem to get those two words to flow together right!) Cole is the goofy one around here. Trevor used to call him a clown, but Cole didn't appreciate that. I think Trevor meant it as a compliment! Cole is so funny and comes up with some goofy things to say and do. He's my climber. He's the only one of my boys that figured out how to climb out of the crib. And he's been climbing ever since! He's fearless when it comes to that kind of thing. He's a sweetheart. He loves his little sister Brooke, and I even heard him "baby talking" to her in a high-pitched voice the other day.

For his birthday this year Cole wanted to go to Slinky's. It's similar to Chuck E. Cheese, but not quite. First we opened presents, and then we headed to Altoona to party.

The play land in this place is huge!

Brooke even got in on the action.

Cole doesn't like cake! (He did not get that strange gene from my side of the family!) So ice cream cake was his choice this year.

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