Friday, February 26, 2010

The Trial of Having Brothers. . . .

. . . need I say more?

What's a poor, little girl supposed to do with 4 big brothers? And no, I did not count wrong! For all intents and purposes she's got 4 big brothers in this house to pick on her!

Road Trip

We went out in the afternoon the other day to do a little window shopping. Since we were out early, Logan got his nap in while we were in the van. I don't think he even stayed awake ten minutes!

My goofy, cute, Cole-Boy. It's so hard to get a serious smile out of this one! He's always making faces.

Trevor had just purchased Silly Sludge at the dollar store that day. He was so proud of his cool, new toy.

This was not the same road trip, but since Brooke was sitting behind the wheel, I had to snap a picture. We were on the way up the driveway for church Sunday morning.

Better Late Than Never

David bought this gingerbread house kit. . . yes, it was back in December. To be honest, I had already done cookies with the kids and was not thrilled with the idea of another messy project, so this one sat in the box for a long time. While David was gone last night on a youth activity, the kids and I finally got this little house completed. It turned out pretty cute and the kids had a blast.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


There's nothing spectacular on this video, but if you're related and far away from my little darling, you'll enjoy seeing her in action. (Don't forget to turn the music off on the side of the blog!)

Brooke Lauryn

This video just speaks for itself. I just can't get enough of this little doll baby!

My Brooke

It's been a while since I've told you about my little Brooke. She has hit a few big milestones in her little life lately; the main one being that she can now sit up well - all by herself! When I set her down and tell her how big she is, she just grins so proudly! It's too cute. She's enjoying this new perspective on life. Things are probably a lot more interesting when you're viewing them from a seated position, rather than lying on your belly trying to see what's going on way above you.

Brooke also had her first taste of Cheerios this week! Big news, huh?!?! She doesn't have any teeth, but she gums them to death.

And Brooke has found her voice. She can blow raspberries and does often. Her newest noise is what I call a growl. It's so cute! I don't even know how to describe it, but she'll growl at you and it's a happy growl. If you growl back, she'll respond back, etc. . . . It's such a fun game to play with her.

The boys have hit a big milestone as well. Both Cole and Trevor have carried Brooke upstairs for me sometime this week. They love that fun job!


I couldn't resist posting this funny video of my adorable hubby in the snow. And I couldn't resist Logan's plea for help! It was just too cute!

Logan and the Snow

Logan got his wish. He was finally able to go play in the giant snow-plowed piles of snow. Of course, I wouldn't let him go without Dad. I didn't want him getting lost in there

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowed In

Wow! Did we ever get some snow last night! The last forecast I had seen was predicting 7 - 10 inches. I believe it's safe to say we got closer to 20 - 24 inches of snow! There was so much wind that I've never seen such "hilly" snow before. What I mean is that near my front porch I can still see the grass. But take a few steps and there is about 2 feet of snow. Venture a little ways to the left and the drifts get up to 3 and 4 feet tall. You could lose a kid in this stuff!

I was standing in the side porch looking out when I took this picture.
The snow drifts around our neighbor's cars

The boys were trying to make it up the steps of our deck.
The snow had drifted quite high along the side of our house.
This is what the view was like when I opened my kitchen door this morning. It's amazing and incredible!

Here are the boys, attempting to get outside without sinking too deeply into the snow.

Our van looked so funny with the snow drifts all around. Notice how tall the snow gets around the chain link fence.
Can you see what I mean? I can actually walk on the grass near the house. But if I keep on walking, the snow gets deeper.
Our house and boys. . .

More of those wonderful mountains of snow for the kids to play on. Logan's been eyeing that big hill all day.

Our long driveway. Our neighbor used his snowblower for some of it, and our church plower did the rest.

(** Now if you live in some warm, exotic location, or like, say in Oregon, where it is 65 degrees and sunny, you do NOT need to tell me about it! Thank you so much, but I've already heard about the beautiful, warm weather other people are enjoying!) :)

Jammie School

I was sick several days this week and so I didn't get to do as much schooling with Cole as I normally would have. The first day I felt like dragging myself out of bed, I told Cole that we were going to have "Jammie School." Normally we are dressed, things are cleaned up and then we have school. But that day I was desperate to get some lessons done. We had school in our pajamas first thing that morning. It was fun, we got a lot accomplished, and I just might end up doing that again sometime soon!

Logan hung out in the living room while Cole and I did school work.
Brooke came to school that day also, something I usually try to avoid. But she sat quietly in her chair and played while Cole and I got some work done.
Look at this studious boy. The sun was shining on him so brightly he eventually went to the other side of the table.

Brooke is already looking up to her big brother.


David's brothers came to our house for a super-quick visit. I think they were here for about 19 hours total. It was great to have them and we miss them lots. Hopefully they'll stay longer next time.

I'm going to recount their visit backwards, since that's the way the pictures uploaded! :)

Here are the original amigos, saying, "Good-bye."

The boys were so excited for the uncles to come. They kept asking and asking when they would finally get here.
Uncle Bill kept Brooke entertained by giving her a spoon.
Look! The tops of their heads almost match! (Brooke might have a slight bit more hair though!)
Uncle Bill ordered pizza then we went next door to the school to play ping-pong.

The boys played computer games while the adults were using the ping-pong table.
Hmmmm. . . . You'd almost think these guys are Buckeye fans!

Uncle John's getting ready to welcome his own baby girl into the world. He had a good time practicing with my baby Brooke.
Trevor was teaching his uncles a thing or two about the Wii. It cracked me up when Trevor did an especially good play and then said, "I don't mess around!"
Look at this precious baby! I just love her to pieces.
Brooke and Uncle John
Logan woke up from his afternoon nap to find Uncle John had arrived.
Finally! They had made it and the boys could quit asking us when their uncles would get here.

Uncle John was helping Brooke sit up. Aren't his hands on her face just so sweet?
Uncle Bill got first dibs on holding the Brooke-a-baby.
Here's Trevor, teaching his uncle a thing or two about the Wii.
She is just so cute, I might need to sign out of this blog so I can go squeeze her real quick.