Monday, August 31, 2009

Living Treasures


We have had some good times as a family lately. Saturday we went to Living Treasures Animal Park in Donegal. It is a zoo, but so much better. You are really up close and personal with these animals! You could feed and touch most of them, and though you couldn't pet the dangerous animals, they were so much closer than at a typical zoo. The kids had a great time and the parents had a blast!

Cole fed these deer.

I think this bull knew that nobody wanted to let him eat out of their hands. As soon as he came up to the fence, he stuck his tongue out so we could drop the food onto his tongue.

These baby goats were pretty new, and part of the petting zoo.

This baby llama was incredibly soft. And his eyes were just beautiful.

David fed these camels. These beasts have some serious dental issues! HA!

My crocodile hunters:

Logan needed some help feeding the ponies.

We're going on a trip, my monkey and I!

These mountain goats were so beautiful.

Logan couldn't figure out why the goose wouldn't stay still so he could pet him.

Living Treasures Animals

Here are pictures of some of the animals that we saw Saturday.




Can you see the metal pipe by the bear's nose? It is probably about 7 - 8 feet long and is hollow so you can send treats down to the bears! It was so much fun.

This llama was begging for treats.

White Tiger

Baby Kangaroo

This otter was showing off!

This monkey was waiting for some Cheerios.

And here he got them!

Sweet Daddy?

Saturday I left David to dress Brooke, while I finished getting ready for the day. While I was getting ready I heard David in the hallway say, "Boys! Come look at your sister." I thought, "How cute! He's so proud of his cute, little, pink bundle of joy!" I had to come out in the hallway to see this proud daddy with his baby girl. Well, didn't I get a big surprise! This wasn't at all what I was expecting!

Pumping Gas

The boys love to help David pump the gas at the gas stations. (I do miss not having to pump gas in Oregon, though!) David says that whoever asks FIRST to help him, gets to pump the gas. Well, so far Logan is always the first one to ask when we pull up to the pump! It cracks me up, because the older two are dying to get out and help, but Logan always seems to beat them to the punch. Trevor and Cole have pumped gas before, but since David made his little rule, Logan is the only one that has had the privilege of getting out to help.

Aren't his shades cute? I had just picked them up at a surplus store cheap. Each boy got a pair.

Canoe Creek

The Monday before school started we went to Canoe Creek State Park. It is only about 45 minutes from our house, so it wasn't too far to go for a day of fun. First we ate some chicken and donuts, then we found a secluded place to go swimming. The boys are like little fish and just love to be in the water. They had such a great time and I'm glad we got to have some family fun before school started.

Brooke pretty much slept the whole time. Here she is when we first got there, just hanging out in the stroller.

Doesn't that look yummy?

Here they are, impatiently waiting to get in.

The boys finally got the "go-ahead." Boy were they excited!

Logan took a short break before heading back into the water.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Second Grade

Trevor left this morning for his first day of second grade! I didn't cry. Of course, it helps that he goes to school right next door and that I see him off and on throughout the day. But really, all I felt was happiness for him. He said he didn't want to go to school again, but this morning he was pretty excited to put on his new clothes, gather his new pencils and head off to second grade.

He has such a long walk!

See? Here's his momma, popping in at lunch time to check out her boys and see how they're doing. Trevor might not appreciate this when he's a teenager, but I guess I can get away with it now!

Here's Trevor beside his desk.