Friday, October 7, 2011

Monkey See. . . Monkey Do

Brooke is as girly as they come, but she is not planning to be out-done by any of her brothers. If she sees them do something, she wants to do it too. And she usually does! Tonight while we were at the park there were some trail maps. All the boys wanted one (which means Brooke had to have one too.) I turned around to see everyone's progress and thought it was humorous to see Brooke doing what the boys were doing.

The boys were checking out their maps:
Then I saw Brooke; doing the same!

Growing Kids

I realize it has been a while since I've blogged. (I'm going to try to correct that from here on out.) We had a crazy summer and things are finally getting back to normal for us. I thought I'd start with a few updated pictures of my munchkins, since I'm sure you've missed seeing them.

Brooke turned 2 in June and she adds a certain "sparkle" to our home that we didn't have with just the boys.

Trevor turned 10 last month! He is in fourth grade this year.

Logan is 5 and he started kindergarten in September. He loves it!

Cole is seven and started second grade this fall.

Autumn Day

We had lovely weather today. For a while we hit a cold, rainy spell, so this warm and sunny weather is such a nice change of pace. We decided to spend the evening checking out a new metro park in our area. We were so glad that we did!

In most of the pictures I caught Brooke looking somewhere else! I've rediscovered what I've known for a long time. . . it is hard to get four kids to look directly at the camera and smile AT THE SAME TIME! Oh well! They are all cute anyway!