Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Family Time

The big boys went to bed and Logan got to spend a little quiet time with Dad and Mom.

Brooke is still a doll-baby in Cole's book.

Last night we had an enjoyable evening as a family. After dinner we just hung around the living room together playing the Wii. It was good, friendly competition and family fun.

Brooke is not about to let those toes out of her grasp! It's hilarious!

See the funny eyes I get when I use a camera flash on my little girl. Last night she had squash for the first time. I love feeding babies those first foods. It's such a shock to their little tastebuds.
It was just Logan, Brooke and momma at the house Saturday. It was Logan's idea to hold hands.

Everyone was gathered on our bed to watch a short video on the computer the other day. Logan got the best seat in the house. :)

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