Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cute Kiddos

Here are some cute ones of the kids I took in September. I love how these turned out.

Trevor - 10th birthday

Cole - 7
This is what Cole does! All. The. Time!
Logan - 5


My mom came to visit in October. The weather was rainy until her last couple of days here, but we still had a great time. This Chinese checker game took them over an hour! Ha!

They had a sleepover in Grammy's room. They played games, stayed up late, and ate healthy snacks from Trader Joe's.

When the weather cleared, they finally ventured to the park at a nearby school.

We went to a beautiful miniature golf course one day for all-you-can-golf. I think we only lasted for two games.

Thanksgiving Costumes

Right before school let out for Thanksgiving, the school had a dinner for the parents and students. It was really nice. The kids were allowed to dress up that day for school as either a Pilgrim, Indian or Bible character. The night before we were up late trying to figure out how to accomplish this feat.
Logan wanted to be David, as in "David and Goliath." There were actually 5 stones in his sling.

Cole chose to be an Indian, by far an easier way to dress up. We colored his t-shirt with markers.
Trevor was an Indian too. I had him pose as a chief here.

November Pictures

I had planned to do better blogging, but you know how good intentions are. The pictures on my computer are unorganized, and it's no fun to blog without cute pictures! So I am going to treat you to a couple of random posts of photographs from the last few months. Enjoy!

For Thanksgiving my husband's sister and her family came to visit. It was SO NICE to have them here. (That's a hint for them to come back!) I was having such a good time visiting that my camera only came out once! :( I got this picture of Brooke pushing her cousin Leah in a toy stroller.
Earlier in the month David's parents came for a week. It was good to have them and the kids loved having their grandparents around for a while.

The "men" went to the driving range on the last morning they were here.

We went to a glow golf place at a bowling alley. That was a fun treat!

The Kiddos

We took these pictures at a mini glow golf last month. You can see that they are growing by leaps and bounds.
Brooke says, "Cheese!" and then really scrunches up her face. It's funny, but makes it hard to get a good picture of her. I'm still trying to find the right word to get her face in a pretty smile!
Trevor - 10
Cole - almost 8
Logan - 5

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, from our family to yours!