Saturday, February 6, 2010


David's brothers came to our house for a super-quick visit. I think they were here for about 19 hours total. It was great to have them and we miss them lots. Hopefully they'll stay longer next time.

I'm going to recount their visit backwards, since that's the way the pictures uploaded! :)

Here are the original amigos, saying, "Good-bye."

The boys were so excited for the uncles to come. They kept asking and asking when they would finally get here.
Uncle Bill kept Brooke entertained by giving her a spoon.
Look! The tops of their heads almost match! (Brooke might have a slight bit more hair though!)
Uncle Bill ordered pizza then we went next door to the school to play ping-pong.

The boys played computer games while the adults were using the ping-pong table.
Hmmmm. . . . You'd almost think these guys are Buckeye fans!

Uncle John's getting ready to welcome his own baby girl into the world. He had a good time practicing with my baby Brooke.
Trevor was teaching his uncles a thing or two about the Wii. It cracked me up when Trevor did an especially good play and then said, "I don't mess around!"
Look at this precious baby! I just love her to pieces.
Brooke and Uncle John
Logan woke up from his afternoon nap to find Uncle John had arrived.
Finally! They had made it and the boys could quit asking us when their uncles would get here.

Uncle John was helping Brooke sit up. Aren't his hands on her face just so sweet?
Uncle Bill got first dibs on holding the Brooke-a-baby.
Here's Trevor, teaching his uncle a thing or two about the Wii.
She is just so cute, I might need to sign out of this blog so I can go squeeze her real quick.

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