Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowed In

Wow! Did we ever get some snow last night! The last forecast I had seen was predicting 7 - 10 inches. I believe it's safe to say we got closer to 20 - 24 inches of snow! There was so much wind that I've never seen such "hilly" snow before. What I mean is that near my front porch I can still see the grass. But take a few steps and there is about 2 feet of snow. Venture a little ways to the left and the drifts get up to 3 and 4 feet tall. You could lose a kid in this stuff!

I was standing in the side porch looking out when I took this picture.
The snow drifts around our neighbor's cars

The boys were trying to make it up the steps of our deck.
The snow had drifted quite high along the side of our house.
This is what the view was like when I opened my kitchen door this morning. It's amazing and incredible!

Here are the boys, attempting to get outside without sinking too deeply into the snow.

Our van looked so funny with the snow drifts all around. Notice how tall the snow gets around the chain link fence.
Can you see what I mean? I can actually walk on the grass near the house. But if I keep on walking, the snow gets deeper.
Our house and boys. . .

More of those wonderful mountains of snow for the kids to play on. Logan's been eyeing that big hill all day.

Our long driveway. Our neighbor used his snowblower for some of it, and our church plower did the rest.

(** Now if you live in some warm, exotic location, or like, say in Oregon, where it is 65 degrees and sunny, you do NOT need to tell me about it! Thank you so much, but I've already heard about the beautiful, warm weather other people are enjoying!) :)

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