Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jammie School

I was sick several days this week and so I didn't get to do as much schooling with Cole as I normally would have. The first day I felt like dragging myself out of bed, I told Cole that we were going to have "Jammie School." Normally we are dressed, things are cleaned up and then we have school. But that day I was desperate to get some lessons done. We had school in our pajamas first thing that morning. It was fun, we got a lot accomplished, and I just might end up doing that again sometime soon!

Logan hung out in the living room while Cole and I did school work.
Brooke came to school that day also, something I usually try to avoid. But she sat quietly in her chair and played while Cole and I got some work done.
Look at this studious boy. The sun was shining on him so brightly he eventually went to the other side of the table.

Brooke is already looking up to her big brother.

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