Friday, January 28, 2011


Cole turned seven a couple of weeks ago. I always felt bad that his birthday was 2 weeks after Christmas. To be honest, I am about partied-out by that point! But the night before I hung the balloons and streamers in the dining room like I always do, and was rewarded when he came downstairs with a big smile.

We started the morning with one present before school.

After dinner we decided to go to Slinky's. The kids love to play in this giant playland. (Like a McDonald's play place, only much, much bigger!) We all got ready to go then Cole opened his gifts.

I decided to save the Sunday comics for some wrapping paper, that way all of his gifts wouldn't be wrapped in Christmas paper. Hee-hee! I'm not only frugal but green as well! :-)
Cole got a nice set of walkie-talkies. Logan calls them "talkie-walkies," which I think is
just too cute!
It was late when we got back from Slinky's, so we ate ice cream cake in our jammies.

We're thankful that seven years ago, God gave us this handsome boy. We love him very much!

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  1. Well Happy Birthday to Cole! My b-day is 1wk before Christmas and more birthdays w/in 3mths prior to that so I can sympathize.