Friday, September 10, 2010

The White House - DC

After we'd been in D.C. for a while, we realized we were not going to make it back to our van before our meter expired. We were over a mile away from the van and we were on foot! Oops! We just hoped that our van would be there, and that it would be there without a ticket on the windshield!

After we saw the Declaration of Independence, we decided to split up. David took Trevor and Cole and they RAN all the way back to the van, so that they could feed the meter. I walked at a slower pace with Logan, Brooke and the stroller. It was during this walk that I finally saw the White House! I had wondered why all this grassy area was fenced off. And why people were standing there in big groups. It was then that I noticed the White House.
Did you know that you can enlarge these photos if you simply click on them? Click on these and you will see a man standing on the top of the White House. It looked like he was standing near a tripod. Perhaps he was watching us, just as we were watching him!

There is a big iron fence around the White House. This is as close as you can get.

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