Friday, September 10, 2010

Washington Monument - DC

The first thing you can see when you approach our capital city is the Washington Monument. It's amazing. It's spectacular. It's really cool! We parked as close as we could, (which was not very close at all!) and walked straight for that monument. Whoever designed that monument probably didn't think of how handy it would be for future visitors. You can just look up into the sky, find the monument, and easily get your bearings!

We all really enjoyed the Washington Monument. You can get tickets to go inside, but we are saving that for another time. I tried to teach the boys about the Washington Monument that day. Now they can recognize it by sight.

This was my first glimpse.

I never knew there were flags at the bottom like that. I love it! So patriotic!
Finally! We were getting close to it.

This is the Commerce Building.
Glancing back I saw the World War II Memorial. We never made it to that one.
I saw the Capitol Building and had to get a creative picture. I love seeing the building between the American flag.
Trevor David
Trevor (in the background), Logan Joseph, & Cole Patrick

Somebody offered to take a picture of our whole family. Yes, I worried if they would run off with our camera! (hee-hee!)

I just love all the flags circling the Washington Monument.
It's just beautiful, isn't it?
After this, we headed down the National Mall towards the Capitol Building. Brooke quickly tired of the stroller so Daddy obliged her and put her on his shoulders. Nah! She doesn't have him wrapped around her finger at all!

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