Thursday, September 9, 2010

Capitol Building - DC

The second thing that we saw on Saturday was the U.S. Capitol Building. It was amazing! It's just beautiful. We started our day near the Washington Monument (pictures to come soon!) and then we walked down to the Capitol. We didn't realize how far apart the two icons were. I've tried figuring it out on the internet and my best guess is it's between 1 - 1.5 miles. Our boys walked all that way and did a great job.

This was my first view of the Capitol. I was standing next to the Washington Monument when I took this picture.
All down the middle of the National Mall people were busy playing football, frisbee football, rugby, etc. . . . How awesome it would be to play outdoor games with the Capitol Building right in your sights!
Here we are: so close, and yet so far away!
The Capitol Reflecting Pool
It was a beautiful day. The sky behind the Capitol just sets it off beautifully.
The pretty stonework at the gateway to the Capitol Building.
We're getting closer!

We made it!
Brooke didn't last through the long walk! But she can honestly say she's been to the Nation's capital!
As I was sitting on the steps I could see how far we'd come. (And dread how far we had to walk to get back!)
Trevor was the photographer for this photo. Logan kept trying to steal kisses, each time David wanted one. It was so much fun being fought over by two of my guys! :)
David wanted to run up and down the steps. There were security guards behind those railings, to keep visitors at bay. Then we saw something. A man WAS jogging up and down the steps! So David walked up to the security guard and asked if he could have a turn. The man said, "No." David said, "But THAT guy is!" And the security guard replied, "That man works here!" Ha! I guess that jogger doesn't need a gym membership!

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