Friday, October 1, 2010

Trevor's Ninth Birthday

It's been a couple of weeks since Trevor turned nine-years-old. For some reason October sneaked up on me before I got the chance to blog about his birthday. Trevor's birthday landed on a Sunday this year. Sundays aren't the best days for celebrating. We have church morning and evening, and David has been running a van route, so that makes our afternoons a bit shorter still. We planned a two-day celebration for Trevor this year, and he was all for it!

David was gone on Saturday morning, so we planned to meet up in the afternoon. Trevor brought one of his presents and we started the celebration by opening it in the van! He was so excited to get a pair of Heely's from his Aunt Cindy.

He's doing pretty well skating around our dining room now. (More to follow on that subject later.)
Next we went to Toys R Us so Trevor could spend his birthday money. The boys are getting old enough now that they like having the chance to pick out some of their own things. It's always fun to watch them buy things. Trevor got a nice remote control car and a Transformer.
Afterwards the boys really wanted to go to a play place called Slinky's. (Did you know that the actual Slinky toy was invented in Pennsylvania and has its roots in a town near us?) Anyway, Slinky's has a great big playland, similar to what you might see at a McDonald's restaurant. Only bigger. Much bigger! The boys love going there to play. So that's where we spent most of our Saturday celebration.
Brooke played very well in the little toddler area. She even learned to climb up by herself, then bounce enough on the edge of the small slide to make herself slide down.
Trevor stopped for a brief moment so I could take his photo.

I still don't think it's fair that only people under the age of 14 can play in the ball pit!

Trevor and David got suited up for a game of laser tag. They loved it!
Sunday afternoon Trevor was ready to RIP into the presents. And I do mean "RIP!"

Trevor requested an ice cream cake this year. I made this one out of ice cream sandwiches. It was quite good!

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