Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Campers

Friday night we had a bonfire outside. (My husband must've been a pyromaniac in his first life, because he absolutely LOVES bonfires.) While he got the fire started I got dinner cleaned up and then Brooke and I joined the boys outside. It was actually a great night for a bonfire. It was a bit chilly and the fire was just right.

There were are few extra boxes and things to burn, but before we burned those boxes, the boys got a little more mileage out of them. Cole is so slim, he really can fit in one of these boxes.

What started out as an innocent bonfire soon turned into a camping activity! I'm not even sure how it happened, but somebody mentioned sleeping outside. We don't have a tent so I shot that idea down; too many wild animals out here. But then David got the bright idea to bring his truck over to the bonfire. He brought the full size mattress from Trevor's bed outside and the boys were all set.

I know you're all wondering. . . no, Brooke and I did not sleep outside. I was actually kind of sad about not sleeping out there under the stars. It was such a beautiful night. But I knew that little girl wouldn't get much sleeping done out there. And if Brooke isn't sleeping, then Momma probably isn't sleeping either! So to make sure that everybody was happy, I let the boys have their campout without us girls.

I know this was a great memory for the boys. They were up bright and early, stoking the fire and drinking hot chocolate out there. I'm sure they will do it again someday, but they'll have to give Dad some time to recover first! :)

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