Friday, April 9, 2010

Minor League Hockey

I realize it's been a while since I've been in blogger-land. I've missed it. Today I signed in to my blog, intending to post pictures and stories from the last few weeks. I quickly got sidetracked when I saw all the new posts in my blog-following-list that I haven't read yet. Wow! I missed out on a lot of news over the last few weeks. One friend is expecting her 12th baby! Another got ducks and chickens, and some have just been having good family times. It was fun catching up with everybody. Now I am going to attempt to catch everyone up on our family fun.

A couple of weeks ago we went to a minor league hockey game. It was our first time to go to a hockey game and we really enjoyed it. I wasn't prepared for how loud it was in the stadium. It wasn't the people making the noise either. The noise was coming from the hockey sticks smacking the puck around the rink. It was pretty neat! I'm not a big football fan, though I do enjoy baseball. But hockey, now that's something I could probably get into.

The honor guard and National Anthem
I don't know what you call this. It's not the tip off, or the coin toss! But this was the very first move of the game. The ref dropped the puck and the players got right to it!

I thought this was a humorous shot of the goalee.

Hooray! We rooted for the home team and they pulled it off!

After the game the players were posing for the fans.

My little, adorable, darling girl:
Dad is getting his game-face on! :)

Mom & Cole-Boy

The Gang

I am so sad that this picture is blurry. A lady offered to take it for us. I should've had her take two.

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