Monday, April 26, 2010


My little Brooke gets a post all to herself. It might not seem fair, but the truth is she is in that growing baby stage and is constantly changing. Every day is a new adventure for her, and thus a new adventure for our family as well. I delight in her sweet smell, her chubby cheeks and her cheeky grins. She fills our home with her happiness and I'm thrilled that she is ours.

She has reached some new milestones and is trying to reach even more each day. If you stand Brooke up by the couch, chair, etc. . . she will hold on and stand up by herself. She has strong little legs and she enjoys this standing position for a while. The boys just love to stand her up then yell for me to get the camera. They are so excited for her accomplishments! It's almost as much fun watching the boys enjoy her growth, as it is to watch her grow.
Brooke has been a pretty laid back baby. She turned 10-months-old yesterday and is just now getting anxious to crawl. She doesn't quite have it down yet, but she's getting close. She's at that funny - and frustrating! - stage where she crawls backwards. She can't quite get that forward mo-jo down, but she's working on it. And of course, the boys are there on the sidelines cheering her on!

I just re-read my posts and checked out all the pictures again. I admit it: I can't wipe the smile from my face! I just can't help myself. Those cute little cheeks, eyes, hands, feet, . . . well you get the picture. That little doll-baby just makes me melt!

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