Monday, April 26, 2010


It's been a while since I've been able to just sit and blog about life. I've enjoyed my afternoon thinking about my boys, my husband and the blessings God has given me. I thought I'd give some updates on the boys and their accomplishments lately.
Logan is on the verge of his fourth birthday. I can tell he's had a growth spurt lately, because his clothes are too small! It's time to dig into the attic for that bucket that is labeled "4T" and see what we can find for him to wear. He is such a funny little character, my Logan. He loves to sing and yes, he loves to dance. (*blushing*) It's more like wiggling around, but music is dear to Logan's heart. He may be my musician someday.
Recently we moved Trevor into his own room and put Cole and Logan together in a room. They've seemed to enjoy the transition. Logan is actually taking up residence on the top bunk. What a big boy he is!

Cole Boy and I are almost done with our homeschooling year of kindergarten. It has gone much better than I anticipated and Cole is reading so well. I am very proud of him. (And I should just insert a plug here for the A Beka curriculum. It is top notch!) He is more than ready to head next door to "Dad's school" next year.

He is still in love with his little sister. Even though I explained that brothers can not marry their sisters, he still doesn't understand why God has that rule! :) Hopefully he always cares for Brooke that much. He's a sweetheart and a goofball all rolled into one.

My Trevor is growing so fast. He is not a little boy anymore! He's starting some third grade work at school as he finishes up his second grade year. He really is a big help to me. I try to say often to him, "I love having such a big boy!" It makes him smile and I think he loves being the big, macho man around the house.

The other day we were driving in the truck. Trevor was in the front with Dad & Mom. Well, as I was sitting there a nasty spider (is there a pleasant spider????) was crawling on the door near me. I shreaked like a girl and my husband kept telling me to kill it. My dear Trevor reached over with a tissue and squished it promptly and got it out of my way. He was truly my hero that day!

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