Saturday, September 19, 2009


Trevor is eight years old today! It hard to believe that it's been 8 years since God gave him to us. I was doing a bit of reminiscing on Trevor's birth and his first few months of life. Of course he is special because he is our first born. There's something special about bringing home that first baby. I remember him being born at 7:51 in the morning after a long night of labor. I remember what a good baby he was for us.

Trevor is going through a "spelling phase" right now. It's pretty cute and very enjoyable! Today I listened as he told my dad on the phone that he was "E-i-g-h-t today." At the dinner table he thanks me for the "F-o-o-d," and he was so excited to get a new "B-i-k-e" as well. I just love it!

Trevor is a very thankful person! Many times today he thanked us for his gifts, his meals, his outings, etc. . . . While he was on the phone with my sister he whispered to me, "What did they give me?" I told him and he promptly thanked her for the gift. I didn't even have to tell him to be thankful, he is just that kind of person. I'm so glad about that because thankfulness is a command in the Bible, and it's one that Trevor does so well.

This week Trevor got four 100%'s on the tests that he took! He is doing well in school and is a good Scripture memorizer too. We are just thankful that God gave him to us for the short time we are on earth. What a blessing!

Trevor's "before" picture:

(The above photo was taken the evening before his birthday.)

Now the "after-he-turned-8" photograph:

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  1. Oh, he looks SO much older in that second picture! :-) He really is getting so big. I've been doing a lot of reminiscing myself of having our first - Luke. Happy Birthday to Trevor!