Friday, August 14, 2009

A Milestone

Brooke has reached a milestone in her life. Yesterday she turned 7 weeks old, and she can finally fit into 0 - 3 month clothing! I put away her preemie and newborn clothes and we're off to a new section of her closet. I'll tell you, dressing a baby girl is SO MUCH FUN! Brooke and I play dress-up together. She doesn't mind me trying all kinds of outfits on her to see if they fit, or to see how cute they look on her. As long as I'm talking to her and touching her, she loves playing dress-up as much as I do!
This morning we did a photo shoot with her. It was Cole's idea for her to have props! He went and stole Logan's dogs to put in Brooke's pictures, but Logan is pretty protective of his dogs! So we got some animals from Brooke's room for the pictures.

Isn't she just cute in this pose? I wonder what she's thinking?!?!

Sunday morning she finally wore the dress from Nana.

And here's our good, little Baptist girl, with her jean skirt on!

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