Friday, June 5, 2009


The kids finally decided to name the goat Spike. I had planted a few pots with flowers, and in the middle of one pot was one of those spikey, leafy plants. We came home that afternoon to find the goat eating my spikey plant! Aaaggghhhh! So in honor of my plant, the goat's name became Spike.

We went to "just look" at the goats Monday night. I was teasing my husband. I said that he is such a city-slicker, if we even got a goat, that it probably wouldn't even survive until morning. Well, guess what? I was only off by 24 hours! Wednesday morning David went to get the goat from the barn, and poor Spike couldn't even stand up! We have no idea what happened to him. (Yes - we fed him and gave him water!) Poor Spike went on to his eternal reward Wednesday morning. I did feel badly for the poor guy. The kids took it in stride pretty well.

I guess we'll be on the hunt for another goat soon!

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