Saturday, June 6, 2009

The End

Today we played our final games of soccer for the season. Woo-hoo! Both teams won their final games! We were pretty excited about that. Cole scored one goal today to help his team win. And even though Trevor didn't score a goal, he really did a great job defending the goal from the other team. We were very proud of both of them.

Here's a last glimpse of Cole's team. You may recognize that handsome coach!

(Chance, Joel, Cole & Ella)

Every child that played got a trophy today. Cole was excited about that, since Trevor received three trophies at the end of school.

Trevor's team. Look at that toothless grin!

(Ben,Jenna, Trevor, Joey, Braedon & Tyson)


  1. How fun! My girls start soccer in July....

  2. Way to go boys! Congrats! And the ice cream looks yummy...Want to share?