Monday, March 2, 2009

New Player

For Trevor's birthday a couple of years ago, Grammy and Grampa bought him a CD player and a set of Patch the Pirate CD's. Every night at bedtime they've been listening to some songs or stories on that player and just loving it. Last week David put the CD player in Logan's room, so he could enjoy the first installment of Patch as well. Logan is hooked on the "Jonah" song, and he just loves to listen to that.

I was thinking that it'd be nice to get a second player, so there could be one in each of the boys' rooms. It wasn't a priority, but I was hoping to find one someday. Today while I was out I found a CD player at Kohl's on sale for $11.99! What a deal! Now we have one for each of the rooms, and the boys are happily tucked into bed, listening to their favorite CD's. I think God even cares about those little things that we may want, but don't need. He gave us our "want" and we're thankful for that.

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