Saturday, February 14, 2009

Library Fun

Today the library had a Valentine fun time for a couple of hours this afternoon. I think it was hosted by local teachers. It was mostly about presidents. One table had a bunch of stuff about teeth. Did you know George Washington had really bad teeth? The ladies at the table talked about teeth, their importance, etc. . . . They had a cardboard egg carton upside down to represent teeth. The boys took turns flossing the teeth and then brushing them.

Another table had coloring pages of different presidents. A different table had a cute little craft. The boys glued popsicle sticks onto a sturdy white paper, to build Lincoln's log cabin. It was cute. After you got the door and window glued on, they had the child glue a penney in the window, so Lincoln could peek out. Cute! I think this was the boys' favorite table by far. They all enjoyed it. I didn't have my camera with me, but I got some cute snapshots with my cell phone. Maybe I'll get to post them later this week, when I'm not roaming.

There was also a Reader Theater table. Trevor did that one. He was a lawyer along with Abe Lincoln. He had a giant top hat made from construction paper like Lincoln, and a black shirt. (They had a mustache for him, but it was too tight for his big head!) Then he had a horse head on a long yardstick. They acted out the little play and read the lines for their character. I really enjoyed it. It was fun watching Trevor read his part without any trouble.

And of course --- the best part? It was free! Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

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