Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Baby News- Of course!

I had David get the lone baby bucket out of the attic for me yesterday. I had given away a lot of things before we moved, not wanting to tote needless things 2800 miles across the country. I ended up with one small Rubbermaid bucket of the baby clothes I wasn't willing to part with yet. For a moment I got a small twinge of sadness, thinking I won't use most of those little boy things again! Logan had almost all new things, since he was a spring/summer baby, and the other baby things I had were out of season for him. The clothes are so nice and in good shape. I'm waiting to find out if my sister is having a boy or girl. I kind of hope it's a boy, so I can give these nice little baby clothes a good home.

Logan and Cole came into the room where the bucket was sitting, and Cole asked me what those things were for. I told him they were old baby clothes. Logan got quite excited! He said, "Did the baby come out of your tummy yet, Mom?" How cute! He seems to be getting a good grasp on this situation. I was worrying about him and his reaction, when we bring home a new baby. After all, Logan will have been the baby of the family for three years! So far he seems pretty excited about it. He even looked at our baby dresses (we're getting quite a collection!) and said, "Those are for the baby girl, Mom." I think Logan's almost as excited as I am!

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  1. That's always fun bringing out the baby clothes again. It was the same way for me when we were having Victoria. I love the first song in your playlist, too. Very appropriate.