Friday, February 6, 2009

Cole's Ready

Of all the people in our family, Cole was the one that wanted another boy! I don't know why, and frankly, I don't think he knows why either! lol Anyway, last night we went to the store and bought a few more little pink things. (I'm on a roll!) We bought the tiniest pink shoes and a couple of odds and ends. Now that the boys got to do some shopping too, I think they're pretty excited about the prospect of having a sister as well.

This morning Cole was looking at the shoes and he said, "These are going to be so cute on her. Is it almost time for her to come out yet?" He was rather impatient about it! I explained that she was still pretty small and he went and got the ruler so I could show him exactly how much growing the baby still had to do. I'm glad that Cole is excited about having a sister.

1 comment:

  1. That's neat that he's anxious for her to be born. Do you have her name picked out?