Saturday, January 24, 2009

School News

Trevor just brought home is report card from the end of his second quarter of school this year. He is doing a great job! His average is 99% in all of his Pace work! Since the beginning of the school year Trevor has finished 59 Paces! Wow! Normally a student needs to complete 60 Paces in one year. Obviously he is one smart cookie! =) In his Math and Word Building subjects he is already in second grade work. In his other three subjects, he is only two Paces away from being in second grade. His reading is very good as well. I'm proud of him for doing so well in his work.

Cole is ready to start school. Well, he thinks that he is! Since he turned 5 he thinks it's time to start schooling. Of course he's done a lot of things at home with me in the past, so he'll be ready when the time for school does start for him. He will be the only kindergartener next year, so I will probably home school him. Yikes! I know that he will do well with his schooling, but when I think of homeschooling Cole, along with being a mom to Logan and a newborn baby, the task does seem daunting. Hopefully he makes it easy on me!


  1. I don't believe we know eachother, but we have three things in common. You follow the blogs of 2 of my former college roommates(My two boys and me:raising edenita) and also that of a current friend and fellow church member(daily pleasures). I just came across your blog through your comment on this friend's site. I knew I had seen your "name" on another blog comment. I just think it's neat when when I come across situations like this.
    Congratulations on your baby and Trevor is obviously a genious! I'm sure Cole is just as smart. Did I mention everyone?

  2. wow! good for Trevor! I didn't realize your school was ACE?

  3. That's great that he's doing so well. That's amazing how many PACE's he's finished and the year's only half over! Good job, Trevor!!