Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rough-Tough Boys

Without a doubt, wrestling with Daddy is one of the best past-times in this house. Today David was sitting on the couch and the boys would run from as far away as they could get, and jump on him as hard as they could. (I love being a girl, so I can enjoy watching the boys, without having to get the bruises and bumps that go along with their rough play!) Well, Logan was so cute, of course! He'd start in the dining room and say, "On your mark, get set, GO!" Then he'd run and try to clobber Daddy. I loved seeing all three boys pile on top of him at once. Trevor and Cole kind of did a team thing. They'd run together and jump, hoping at least one of them could get a good shot at Dad. It usually worked.

I'll tell you, being the youngest child must make you extra tough. Logan's had two big brothers to deal with for the last couple of years, so he's learned how to take his knocks, and how to give a few too! Logan got hit pretty hard a couple of times. I was waiting for him to wail, but instead he pointed to the offended spot and went up to Dad for a kiss. The kiss made things all better, and he was back to jumping on Dad in a flash.

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  1. What is it about boys that makes them love to inflict pain and rough-house? Our boys are like that, too. The girls in our family like to just watch, too. Sometimes Tori gets involved, but within seconds she's crying, so we usually just watch!