Friday, January 23, 2009

In My Tummy

All of the boys now know that there's a baby in Momma's tummy. Yes, even Logan! Just today somebody said something about a baby and Logan said, "Is there a baby in your tummy, Mom?" I told him that there was. Then he said, "Can we get a baby at our house?"

Tonight we were at a restaurant. When Logan was done eating he stood up and his tummy was big and firm! I laughed and said that maybe he had a baby in his tummy. Well, just a while later as we were getting into the van Logan told his dad, "I got a baby in my tummy!" Oops! Maybe I shouldn't have joked about that one.

Each week I get an e-mail from a pregnancy website updating me about the baby's growth that week. It's the highlight of the week for my boys! They love to look at that picture of the baby swimming around in Momma's tummy! Right now the little bean isn't a little bean anymore! The baby measures 5 inches from the crown to the rump! So of course, the boys get a tape measure and we measure to see how big the baby is. Each week Cole thinks it is now big enough to come out! But I keep telling him not quite yet!

These are exciting days! Soon we will get a real look at the baby. That will be very exciting. God has been so good to us.

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  1. I love that new baby ticker you have on here. So neat. I had a book that told every single day the changes in the baby and mom,too. Of course I looked ahead, but it was so neat to know about all those little changes!