Friday, May 6, 2011

Easter Fun

There were several community Easter egg hunts this year, so we took the kids to find some goodies. This egg hunt was at a local retirement/nursing home. Each one of our kids was in a different age bracket, so we ended up going to four different hunts in this same building. (It was pouring rain that day. It's a good thing they have a nice facility.)

This was Brooke's first time to hunt for the eggs. It took her a while to get started, but she was fun to watch.

Logan raked in the goodies!
Trevor was ready to go!
We colored two dozen eggs. 24 eggs sounds like a lot of eggs, but they go really quickly!

And this is why you hard-boil them first! (We had run out of eggs by that point.)

You can always count on Cole to do something silly!
We attended an egg hunt that had over 5000 eggs! It was supposed to be at a football field, but they got rained out. It was held in the gymnasium of the YMCA. All of the kids got a lot of eggs at this hunt!
They were in line for a turn at the bouncy house.
Easter Sunday also turned out to be David's birthday this year. By the time we got church and lunch taken care of, it was getting pretty late. So I did a little egg hunt in the living room for Brooke. Then she went down for a nap so the boys could have their turn.

Ready? Set! GO!

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