Thursday, February 17, 2011


Things have been going well at our house. The kids are all growing so quickly and they are truly a joy to be around.

We had a fun Valentine's day. I made heart-shaped cookies and rice crispie treats. They were a big hit, along with the little Valentine goodie bags the kids received.

Trevor is doing very well in school. He's getting ready to learn division and he's actually excited about it! (I think that's because he hasn't actually started yet!) He is such a good boy and is really growing up fast. Trevor's a good helper. With the cold winter days on us, I've been teaching the boys how to help a lady with her coat. I love it when Trevor brings my coat to me and holds it open so I can put it on. Trevor is also very good about opening my door for me at the van. He's definitely a keeper.

Cole is growing up as well. He's becoming less little boy and more big boy every day. He has a tender heart and still favors his little sister. He is seven and hasn't lost any teeth yet, and let me tell you, it is killing him! He has two loose teeth on the bottom of his mouth and he just can not wait for them to fall out! I think he's the last of his friends to lose a tooth, so he is really anxious for this milestone to happen. David was just commenting on how tall Cole is. I think he's definitely shot up lately.

Logan is almost 5 years old. He seems to be going through a growth spurt and soon I'll need to get more clothes for him in the next size up. Next year I'll be home schooling Logan for kindergarten, but this year we're enjoying easy days around the house. Logan is such a fun little boy. The other day he had a Transformer toy and was trying to transform it. He gave it to me and asked me to help him with the head. I struggled for a while then finally said, "Logan, Mom just doesn't know how to do these things." He looked at me and said, "Maybe if it was a beginner one you could do it, Mom." What a vote of confidence! Ha!

Today we're expecting temperatures in the 60's. In honor of these almost-spring days, I decided to get out the polish and paint Brooke's little toes. Aren't they adorable? Since she's been wearing tights all winter long I haven't bothered to paint her toenails for a while. But now that spring is here, I'm looking forward to keeping up with her little pedicures.

Brooke is all girl, and I am just thrilled about that! She loves to put one of my necklaces on and wear it around the house. Of all her toys, Brooke plays with her tea set every day. I think that is the cutest thing. She is learning new words all the time and her little girly voice saying, "Okay!" is so cute!

Here is an example of a conversation we have with Brooke almost every day:

Boys: Brooke, say "Da-da."

Brooke: Da-da.

Dad: Brooke, say "Momma."

Brooke: Ma-mom

Mom: Brooke, say "Cole."

Brooke: Co

Boys: Brooke, say "Logan."

Brooke: Ya-Ya

Boys: Say "Trevor."

Brooke: Ya-Ya

We laugh every time and then tease Trevor and Logan about their new names.

I really hope the weather hasn't been teasing us. It is so pleasant outside. There are just a few patches of snow on the ground here and there, but none at our house. I was outside without a jacket today. David pulled his motorcycle out of the barn and has been giving the kids rides around the lane. It is really idyllic. I'm looking forward to spending some time in the yard soon.

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