Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Nodding Her Head

Brooke's latest cute stunt is to nod her head. You wouldn't think nodding your head up and down could be so cute, but if you're just 17 months old, it's adorable! Brooke nods her head so vigorously when you ask her questions. Here's a clip of her at the dinner table.

The boys like to ask Brooke silly questions. She'll nod her head up and down (because she doesn't know how to nod the other way) and the boys will giggle with glee. They'll say, "Do you want to pick your nose, Brookie?" And she'll nod her head up and down. Or they will say, "Do you like your stinky diaper, Brooke?" And she will nod her head up and down. The boys go into gales of laughter, and Brooke just smiles and smiles, because everyone around her is having such a good time. I'm enjoying these precious days.

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