Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We had a great time with David's brother Bill and his family last week. They got in Tuesday afternoon and left Saturday afternoon. We were able to spend Thanksgiving with them. It was really nice to have family around for the holiday.

We didn't really "do" a whole lot. Well, we ATE a lot! ;-) A lot of Super Mario was played on the wall with a projector. And when the kids went to bed the adults played games. Other than than, just being together was nice.

The Boy Cousins

For a while, Uncle Bill had the kids lined up against a wall in the living room. They played "Dodge Nerf." He would shoot Nerf bullets and the kids would try not to get shot. It was fun to watch. Finally the kids decided that Uncle Bill should be against the wall, and THEY should get to do the shooting! That was even more fun to watch! ;-)

Pretty soon we had a full-blown wrestling match with the dads and the kids. Are you surprised? I'm not. I was only surprised that they waited 4 whole days to start their wrestling match!

On the last day the kids played with the Legos in the living room, while David and Bill installed a new upstairs toilet! (Loud, 'Hooray!" from us on the new toilet!)

Brooke was on the phone.

This is Ethan, my newphew.
Cole and Kit - they are exactly two months apart in age.
Ethan and Logan are 3 weeks apart.
Good-bye Uncle Bill and Aunt Katharine

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  1. Aww looks like you all had fun. I loved seeing the kids gang up on Bill!