Saturday, October 9, 2010

Roaring Spring Photos

I mentioned in the previous post that I took a lot of photos at the Roaring Spring. I did not edit all of them! I'm still new to the editing phenomenon, so I grew weary after a while of fixing, cropping and enhancing. Here are some regular photos I took -- what you see is what you get! We had a great time with our children. God has been good to us to bless us with our healthy, happy little crew.
In case you get confused, this is not the happy crew! ;)
These were some of the hungry ducks. We fed them oyster crackers and potato chips.

Brooke wasn't too sure about this tree idea!
Make a silly face!

We finally gave up trying to get everybody looking, smiling, holding still at the same time!

The boys found some big sticks to play with. (Now why didn't I think of getting some free sticks out of the woods for their birthdays?!?!) They used them as canes, spears, slingshots, bridges, etc. . . It seems there's no end to their imaginations.

Little Brooke climbed up these amphitheater"steps" on her own! She was quite determined. We had so much fun listening to her grunt and struggle her way up each step. When she made it to the top we clapped and she clapped right along with us.

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