Monday, October 18, 2010

Nana Time

David's mom came for a quick visit this past week. We crammed in as much time with Nana as we could. She and the kids made two different kinds of play dough, played with shaving cream, did many word searches, walks, football games and more. Of course she made us some real Italian pizza on her last night here. Here are a few pictures from her visit.

We took David's mom for a drive up the mountain. The leaves were just beautiful.
Playing with shaving cream!

They decided to pull up chairs near the wood stove. It was nice and cozy in the kitchen that morning.

Nana insisted on putting a quarter in this ride for Brooke. That poor little Brookie was nearly scared out of her wits! Nana quickly grabbed her, and Brooke held on for dear life!

So precious!
The highlight for David might have been convincing his mom to go for a ride. It was just around the parking lot! But hey! She did go for a ride with him.

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