Monday, September 6, 2010

Various Photos - DC

Archives of the United States of America

I actually saw the Declaration of Independence, the Constituion, Bill of Rights and various other documents from American history. To my dismay you can not take pictures of those documents. In an effort to preserve the inks from fading, the light is very dim and no flash photography is allowed. It is FREE to go to the National Archives.

Outside the National Archives building. . .

There were so many pretty details on the buildings.

I just knew you would want to know where this one was located! ;)


Pretty flowers

I hope our government remembers this! It's posted on the side of building just a couple of blocks from the Capitol.

We did a LOT of walking! We had no idea the National Mall was that long. Throw in some small children and a baby stroller and it made the walk that much longer!

Eisenhower Building

These photos were taken near the Vietnam Memorial.

I was glad to see that because our nearby city of Altoona has a miniature replica of this wall.
We took the boys to the Wall in Altoona on Memorial Day, and I was pleased that they had remembered that experience.

The Potomac River

I just loved the names of the streets in DC. ( It's the simple things in life!)

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