Monday, September 6, 2010

Family Night

We spent some time in the evening last week outdoors. The days were incredibly hot - in the 90's. We were pleasantly surprised when the evenings cooled down so nicely for us though. Thursday night the boys decided to do some tree climbing and football playing.

Trevor's beginning his ascent into the tree.

Logan didn't actually climb into any of the trees. But he was right there enjoying the action.

Cole was giving me his football game face. It's a blurry photo, but his expression is priceless!

Trevor made it up into the tree by our barn.

Of course no evening outdoors would be complete without trying to tie Dad up first!

So here are the teams: Daddy and Logan were the red team.

Next came the green team: Trevor and Cole.

They wanted me to be the official QB. I don't even know what an unofficial QB does! So Brooke and I decided to cheer on the sidelines instead. Here is the cheerleading team:

A couple of weeks ago we were at a park for a church picnic. We were in the pavilion and Brooke didn't want to be held, so I turned her loose on the concrete. It took her a couple of crawls on her knees before she figured out that wouldn't do. So she pushed her tush into the air and "crawled" on her hands and feet. Ever since that time, she's been doing this funny crawl. We call it her Spidey-crawl, because she seems to resemble Spiderman, crawling up the walls.

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