Friday, September 10, 2010

Fabulous Fun

Last night we loaded into David's truck and did some driving over the mountain behind our house. David kicked it into 4-wheel drive and we had a good time, bouncing all over the gravel and holes. These are actually state game lands in that mountain with a gravel road to drive. But it is clearly not maintained by PenDot! LOL
Brooke was ready for Daddy to load her into the truck.
Our church can be seen through that small hole in the trees. (on the left)
The pretty German house in our neighborhood. You can see it from any location in our town.
You can see our brick house and our church in the middle of this photo. In the grand scheme of things they seem so small.
Here's Brooke with her Nikes. :)
We stopped on the road and the boys had fun climbing this rocky hill. When they got to the top they threw rocks and discovered that they would spark when they hit each other! That was so much fun for them!

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