Wednesday, August 25, 2010

School Days

It's hard to believe that today is the first day of the school year for three of my boys. The summer went very fast for us. I am looking forward to being in a routine again, even though I may need to remind myself of that in a month or two!

For a couple of weeks now Cole has been praying for school to start soon. Today his prayers are answered! I homeschooled him for his kindergarten year of school, and we did a great job together. But he's been ready for a while to head next door to "Dad's school" so he could be with the other kids.

Of course they had some farm fresh eggs and toast for their first day of school.

Cole is getting ready to walk to school. Lucky for him it is not uphill both ways! It's right next door!

There he goes -- my cute little first grader!

And here's Trevor. . . When we shopped for him David picked this shirt out. Can any of you Ohio people figure out why?

He's starting his third grade year, even though he'll be happy to tell you that he's doing some fourth grade work.

And my third boy! Tee-hee! (I know some of you were wondering.) David's looking forward to a good school year for himself and the students. He spent quite a bit of time painting and preparing.

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