Saturday, July 10, 2010


David's mom was able to come for a visit the week of Brooke's birthday. We didn't do too much while she was here; mostly enjoyed her company. We did get out of the house a few times to enjoy nature and go bowling.

One day we picnicked at Canoe Creek State Park.
Brooke and Nana wore matching shirts.

Brooke got the "mooch seat." She sat in the middle of the table and ate a little bit of everything.

I just love this one. Look at all those cute tooshies! :)
We took a short hike to the kilns but the boys paused for a photo op.

Here are the kilns. They were very interesting to see.

Of course you can't go to the park with boys and not end up playing hide-n-seek, or tag, or both! It was Trevor and Cole's turn to count.
Now it's their turn to hide!
After the hike the boys took a dip in the water. This swan came right over to us.
When he finally figured out we weren't going to feed him, he left.
This was when we first spotted the swan.
I wasn't expecting Brooke to go for a swim, but Daddy took her in for a while. All her things were in the diaper bag, so Nana improvised and put David's shirt on Brooke to keep her warm.
There's that cute little tongue again!
Later that night Cole taught Nana how to play Pictureka. I think Brooke was learning too.
Our park has $1 bowling on Wednesday afternoons. We took Nana to bowling that day.

We told Brooke to clap her hands, and she did!

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