Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Brooke!

It's hard to believe that a year has passed since God gave us our little girl. I'm thankful for her everyday. He made us wait a while to get our girl, so she's extra special to us. Our little Brooke is so much fun and brings so much joy to our whole family.

I often tease that we should've never told her she is the princess, because she acts like one! For the longest time she would only drink from her sippy cup if you would hold it for her. She expected to be waited on hand and foot, like the little princess that she is. (Thankfully she's finally gotten the hang of drinking from her cup by herself.)

Brooke is going through a new phase. She loves to clap her hands, and will clap anytime you ask her to. It is so adorable I just want to grab her and squeeze her all over again! She is such fun.

I made her a butterfly cake, and am real happy with the way it turned out.
I do not care for this tradition, but David plopped the cake right down in front of her and let her have at it. She was flicking her hands up and down trying to shake all that goopy frosting off. It was cute. The boys sure enjoyed watching Brooke eat cake for the first time.

Some ladies in our church just love my little baby girl. These are some of the pretty dresses that they bought for Brooke. Aren't they gorgeous?

Here's the birthday girl with Nana (David's mom). Did you notice that Brooke's shirt says, "Birthday Girl" on it?
The boys had more fun opening Brooke's presents than she did! They were so excited for her to open presents. I knew that they would love getting the chance to "help" her open her gifts.

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