Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Graduate

A couple of weeks ago Cole and I finished up his kindergarten work for the school year. I was so excited and texted a bunch of you that we had finished. What an accomplishment!

Last night we made it official. Cole graduated from kindergarten in a nice little service at our church. I am so proud of him, and I am also happy with myself for being able to successfully teach him to read. It has been a rewarding year.

Dad called him up to get his diploma.
Here he is, checking out his framed dimploma.
There were other awards handed out to the rest of the school children in our church. There were awards for the most Paces completed, highest grade point average, and Bible memory. Trevor picked up a couple of awards last night.

Of course you can't have a graduation without going to celebrate! We went to Ritchey's dairy here in town for some ice cream. Cole was very excited about that. This morning he was hoping to be able to go to school with Trevor and Dad! He wasn't too excited that he'd have to play all summer long before school starts. He's one happy first grader!
And Brooke was one happy baby, helping Cole celebrate!

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